SWC5PA30P String Wound Cartridge Filter

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SWC5PA30P String Wound Cartridge Filter

PFI Watermaker adalah importir distributor dan agen SWC5PA30P String Wound Cartridge Filter yang menggunakan material PP Cotton nylon serta polyester yang digulung secara melilit dengan susunan rapi kasar diatas dan lembut rapat lilitannya di dalam agar lebih efektif dalam penyaringan sediment atau kotoran yang terkandung dalam cairan.


Description String Wound Cartridge Filter

String Wound Filters cartridges are manufactured using the latest winding technology which gives true graded density with denser layers inside and coarser layers outside.

This produces superior depth filters with increased filtration capacity, longer service life and higher performance that reduces overall costs, string filters have high structural integrity combined with a greater voids volume. Giving a lower pressure drop, much-improved dirt holding capacity and efficiency compared to conventional wound filters.

A string wound filter cartridge is a water-filtering device that reduces sediment, dirt, sand, and other particles from water. The filtration cartridge aims to provide clean, secure drinking water by reducing impurities and contaminants from the water source.

Cartridges are available in 1 to 50-micron ratings, 2.5″ and 4.5″ ( big blue filter cartridge ) widths and 10″ and 20″ lengths, for a broad array of applications.


Spesifikasi :

Brand / Model : PFI SWC5PA30P High Efficiency

Ukuran micron : 5 μm

Panjang : 30 inch

Diameter Dalam : 28 mm

Diameter Luar : 61 – 62 mm

Tipe atau jenis filter : Sediment Stringwound

Media Filter : Polypropylene

Core media : Polypropylene

End Cap : Double Open End

Max. Temperature : 80°C

Max. Differential Pressure : 1.5 bar / 30°C


Applications :

  • Pre Filters for Reverse Osmosis Filters
  • Undersink Water Filtration
  • Wholehouse Water Systems
  • Power Plant
  • Oil and Gas
  • Private Water Supplies


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