GF Signet 3-2819-1 Conductivity Electrodes

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GF Signet 3-2819-1 Conductivity Electrodes

PFI Watermaker adalah importir GF Signet 3-2819-1 Conductivity Electrodes kualitas terbaik hadir sebagai solusi pengganti spare part industrial water treatment oil and gas power plant

Kami Juga menyediakan berbagai spare part water treatment lainnya seperti housing Filter cartridge , bag filter housing dan ro membrane.


Description GF Signet Conductivity Electrodes

Signet 2818-2823 Conductivity Resistivity Electrodes are designed to provide versatile installation and accurate sensing across a very broad dynamic range.
These electrodes are built with a controlled surface finish to ensure accuracy and repeatability. The standard electrode is constructed 316 SS, but there are other materials available for maximum chemical compatibility (Titanium, Monel and hastelloy-C).
Reversible threads or sanitary flanges allow for maximum installation versatility.
Sanitary flange versions are available in either SS or Titanium with quality surface finish of less than RA 25.

An optional NIST Traceability Certificate (to meet USP requirements) is available. Coupled with GF Signet patented measuring circuitry, a platinum RTD (PT1000) located within the electrode allows optimal temperature sensing.



Standard process connections

¾” NPT Polypro

Tri-clamp 1½”, 2”

Opt. 1/2” NPT 316 SS

316 SS or Titanium standard electrode

Alternative electrode materials available



In-line or submersible mounting

NIST traceable certified cells ±1% meet USP requirements




Chemical Addition

High-purity Chemical Dispensing

Water Addition



Pump Protection


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