Filter Bag Nylon 200 Micron


Filter Bag Nylon 200 Micron

PT PROFILTER INDONESIA adalah importir agen stockiest dan distributor PFI Filter Bag Nylon 200 Micron Mesh Monofilament (NLM / NLB/NMO) are offered in ratings from 5 to 1200 microns. Monofilament mesh is a woven material where each thread is a single filament and the openings are square. Nylon mesh bags have excellent strength and are considered to be cleanable. Filter efficiency is 90% or more.


Description Bag Filter Nylon Monofilament Mesh

When combined with our PP/PE sealing flange, the NMO bag provides a durable product with the best bag to housing seal in today’s marketplace. During operation as the filter bag gets dirty causing differential pressure to increase, our flared PP/PE top flange seal improves, providing optimum performance. The integral plastic flange makes installation and disposal easier and there is no metal to worry about.

Nylon offers compatibility with water, animal or vegetable oils, organic solvents, alkalis, oxidizing agents, organic acids, mineral acids, as well as micro-organisms. Temperature limitation is 300°F.

Choose micron ratings 5 through 800.



NLB / NLM / NMO Nylon filter bags have a plastic flange sewn into their opening and integral handles as a standard feature. They make removal faster and easier.

Monofilament filter bags are 90% efficient at the micron ratings.

These bags are also available in standard “ring type” bag sizes.




Filter Media : Nylon

Finish : Plain

Top Seal : PFI PP/PE Flange or Steel Zinc Plated Snap Ring


Maximum : 35 PSIG Dirty (2.4 bar)

Optimum : 10-15 PSIG (0.7-1.0 bar)


Maximum (Nylon) : 300°F (149°C)


Paints and varnishes • Inks • Resins • Chemicals • Aggressive solvents • Oil • Water


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