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CHFU High Flow PFI Cartridge Filter Indonesia  large
CHFU540PPEC High Flow Cartridge Filter
Code : CHFU540
Deskripsi :

CHFU540PPEC High Flow Cartridge Filter

Pastikan produk yang anda dapatkan adalah asli dari PFI Watermaker dengan price harga dan kualitas terbaik


PFI CHFU high flow filter cartridge is made by diameter 6” and pleated design with flow area and contamination removal capacity.

This design helps end user to reduce capital investment, save plant space, easy to change-out and etc.

PFI HF product has various applications on water treatment system.


Product Features :

Fewer cartridges and less time to assemble

Common-use size:20”,40”,60” length cartridge

Filtration system are 50% smaller than typical size system

In to out flow direction keeps all of the contamination catched

Handle design makes change fast,easy and safe

Large surface area pleated design provides low pressure drop and long service life

Polypropylene cartridges comply with FAD grade

Flow rate up to 1900LPM per cartridge


Material of Construction :

Filter Medium : Polypropylene,Cellulose,Melt Blown PP

Support : Polypropylene

End Caps : Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene

O-ring Seal options : EPDM, NBR, Viton

Max. Operating Differential Pressure:

Polypropylene : 3.44bar@82oC,50psi@180oF

Glass Fiber : 3.44bar@121oC,50psi@180oF

Suggestion Flow :

20”: 660 LPM

40”: 1300 LPM

60”: 1900 LP


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