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Flotrex Pleated Cartridge Filter Indonesia  large
Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge
Code : PF-02-10-AAE
Deskripsi :

Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge

Kami adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier terlengkap untuk menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part water treatment untuk keperluan industri dengan price harga terbaik


Spesifikasi :

Micron size : 0,1  0,2  0,45

Panjang : 10 - 40 inch

Style : SOE - DOE


Polypropylene Pleated Filter Cartridge uses polypropylene in two different layers of fiber fineness fuse welded together in a multi-pleated fashion. Its filtration area exceeds a typical deep filtration cartridge and it has a higher filtration rate and holding capacity, with a low pressure differential and a long service lifespan.

Polypropylene Multiple-fold Element passes the PDA CFR Title 21 and USP XXIII safety test as 100% Polypropylene with a superfine filtration accuracy of 99.9%. It can be used in pre-filtration in water treatment or membrane filtration.


Product Features:

Double-layer structure formed by folding melt-blown superfine polypropylene membrane, with absolute filtering accuracy reaching 99.9%

Filtering area bigger than 0.5m2, big pollutants holding capacity and high filtering flow rate

Low pressure difference, high flow rate, long service life and reduced downtime for ment

Made of 100% pure polypropylene, good chemical compatibility and wide application range

Melt spinning method adopted for sealing end cover and connector, with no adhesive agent added


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