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Kami adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier  terlengkap menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part filter untuk keperluan industri dengan price harga terbaik

GF Signet 3-2724-10 pH Electrode

Deskripsi :

GF Signet 3-2724-10 pH/ORP Electrodes

PT PROFILTER INDONESIA adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier GF Signet 3-2724-10 pH Electrode terlengkap menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part filter untuk keperluan industry dengan harga dan kualitas terbaik.

The 2724-2726 pH and ORP electrodes are general purpose sensors ideal for a wide range of applications.
These feature a patented reference design and uses the unique foul-proof patented DryLoc® connector. The large area PE reference junction and pathway is constructed to increase the total reference eff ectiveness and
ensures long service life.

GF Signet 2724-2726  pH/ORP Sensor Electrodes

The DryLoc® connector with corrosion resistant gold plated contacts readily connects the sensor to the mating 2751 pH/ORP Smart Sensor Electronics or the 2760 Preamplifier. The robust PPS threaded sensor body and choice of flat pH, bulb pH, or fl at ORP sensing elements allows a broad range of chemical and mechanical compatibility for a wide variety of applications.

There are two optional pH sensing versions available, HF and LC. The HF version is for applications traces of hydrofl uoric acid (2% or less) will attack standard pH glass. The LC version can be used for low conductivity fl uids 20 – 100 μS/cm nominal and below 20 μS/cm when mounted under controlled conditions.
The quick temperature response is available in either a Pt1000 or 3 KΩ temperature sensor and allows compatibility with all pH/ORP instruments. The 2724-2726 electrodes incorporate ¾ inch NPT or ISO 7/1-R
3/4 threads for installing into GF standard pipe-tees.
They can also be mounted directly into standard fi ttings, DN15 to DN100 (½ to 4 inch).

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GF Signet Direct Conductivity / Resistivity Module 3-9900.394

Deskripsi :

GF Signet Direct Conductivity / Resistivity Module 3-9900.394

PFI Watermaker liquid sensor import kualitas terbaik hadir sebagai solusi pengganti spare part industrial water treatment oil and gas power plant

Optimize performance of your GF+ Signet Transmitter/Controller

Choose from a wide range of ment parts and accessories

Required for Conductivity Measurements on the 9900 Transmitte

Specifications & Description

Control TypeOn/Off

DescriptionUniversal Transmitter Direct Conductivity Module

Brand Name


Compatible Material





8.0 inches

Inside Diameter

2.0 inches

Item Weight

10.9 ounces

Lower Temperature Rating

0 degrees_fahrenheit



Measurement System

Inch or Metric

Model Number


Number of Items


Part Number



8 inches






5.0 inches